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Internet safety workshops for protection and well being to reduce the risk of cybercrimes.

Don’t be a victim of cybercrime learn digital safety strategies to reduce your risk.

CyberActive Services  offers a self-defence approach to online use.

Complimenting companies social media policies, with education on Facebook account safety and digital risk management.

We build a strong network of online users who know, understand and embrace their digital world with authority and purpose.

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What People Say About Us;


“I can not recommend Janita highly enough in this field. As a retired Chief Inspector of the NSW Police Force, who developed the “eyewatch” program in NSW, Victoria and the ACT.   Janita’s drive and passion for online safety is second to none. Follow, learn and be safe on line”.  

Sincerely, Josh Maxwell Chief Inspector (Ret)

Facebook Secrets for Parents ~ Cyber Safety Session

Just came out from an awesome cyber safety session with Janita Docherty. I was shocked. What I learnt tonight about the dangers our children face when on computers was amazing. So much stuff I didn’t know. If we parents don’t keep on top of this stuff I believe we are letting our kids down. I encourage all my friends to Google Janita and attend one of her sessions. I certainly will again.

Natalie – Maryborough, Vic

Facebook for Criminal Investigations ~ 2012

Hi Janita,  the lecture was very good and I was able to use the information to assist in finding a missing 13 yr old boy

Detective – Australian Police Unit 

Internet Safety Session – Grade 5/6 Feedback

– My dad always asks me what I am doing online and I never tell him.  Now I know why he asks me.
I’m going home to block the person lurking in my online game.
– I feel more confident knowing what to do about strangers.
– Favourite part was when Janita explained the appropriate age group for Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter.

Victorian Primary School (name available on request)

Internet Safety Session – P-12 College

“Janita’s presentation on the effects of and consequences of using social media was by far the best one that we’ve had at our school. She related to us quite well because she uses all kinds of social media apps herself and knew how they worked and what they were mainly used for. She showed us how to “safely” use social media and that something we share on there can be with us for life.”

~ 3 x Students Year 10 Rushworth P-12 College.

Specialist law enforcement session

“I was fortunate to have Janita instruct several agents from our office in the use of social media and what it can do for investigators as it relates to our criminal investigations. Janita was an amazing resource and provided us with many practical know-how, tools and resources to use. Her understanding of social media was exemplary and I would highly recommend her presentations to anyone that has an opportunity to participate in them”.

~ Special Agent.  Department of Homeland Security

Facebook Safety for law enforcement officers


I wanted to take a moment to thank you for the time you spent with me and the other officers from my agency. I wanted to let you know how important the information you shared with us is proving to be. I have spent time sharing your pointers on safety and security for police officers on Facebook.

All of the officers I have spoken with found that even though they thought they understood how Facebook worked; and felt they were adequately secured- they were not.  The information you have shared is proving to help in keeping officers identities a little more secure and therefore improving officer safety.

Your work is appreciated and is certainly worth all of the effort you have put in to researching this topic.

Thank you so much for your help.

Lieutenant Mike Johnson
DARE Coordinator
Accreditation Manager
Fishers Police Department

Letter of Thanks:

Partial excerpts – letter of thanks victim online fraud scam

I was scammed by a thieving manipulative person last week, convincingly posing as one of my treasured friends.  I am a professional woman, worldly and educated – my expertise being in the world of computers.  Nonetheless I was a victim, I gave it no thought at all when a friend in need reached out, but my friend’s account had obviously been hacked.

My savior in this was Janita Docherty.  What a woman!  Professional, empathic, understanding and savvy.  In our midst we have an expert on Facebook security.  Like me she has no dislike of the Facebook medium. Like anything used well it is an invaluable tool. As we now attempt to function in the midst of the information revolution which is only expanding and is encroaching on all our lives, Janita Docherty has the good oil on how to use this wonder of technology well and safely.

Ms A Dwyer –  Consultant, Melbourne

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