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Schools / Community


School Community Presentations


Schools seeking a Digital Safety Presentation for their secondary students, parents and teachers, can enquire by forwarding an education department email to:

Schools Please Note:  We have a number of presentations in our CyberActive Services range to choose from, or which can be tailored to suit your school community. This includes a full day of Professional Development for teachers covering a wide spectrum of digital safety, online use in prevention of cyber crimes and cyber security. We are a Certified Online Safety Program Provider, Accredited by the Office of the eSafety Commissioner, which may assist in funding from the Australian Government for your school. Schools applying for funding should contact their State or Territory education authority for more details.

CyberActive Services costings to schools single session presentations;
starting at $140 per hour – bookings are minimum 2 hours
(ex GST and travel expenses from Melbourne. Costs do not include booking of a specific training venue, for a workshop or presentation if required)

CyberActive Services costings to schools Professional Development day;
starting at $840 full day ~ face-to-face training workshop component.
(ex GST and travel expenses from Melbourne. Costs do not include booking of a specific training venue, for a workshop or presentation if required). 



Statement by CyberActive Services Founder Janita Docherty:
Our low pricing has been questioned against knowledge and worth. My credentials and experience are exemplary and forward thinking.
The business was founded on principles to prevent victims from online crimes and I pride myself on putting clients (especially children) first!
Our ethics are not to impact financially on agencies, schools and communities where funding is limited, but to provide a face-to-face service where eSafety is attainable for everyone. 



The NetSmartz Workshop

The NetSmartz Workshop is a free program for the school and preschool community.

NetSmartz Workshop is an interactive, educational program of the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children® (NCMEC) that provides age-appropriate resources to help teach children how to be safer on- and offline. The program is designed for children ages 5-17, parents and guardians, educators, and law enforcement. With resources such as videos, games, activity cards, and presentations, NetSmartz entertains while it educates.

The Facebook workshop

The good oil on managing a Facebook account for safety, communication, privacy and greater effectiveness. The instructor is a Facebook subject matter specialist, sharing exclusive information and covering the full scope of Facebook for those who desire the prime ‘need to know’ elements.

This session offers the tools and resources to manage Facebook accounts, displaying areas that frequently require attention. Including; correct posting, uploading photos, finding friends, hiding information, arranging groups, accurate account settings, reporting content, removing content and effective functioning of Facebook Messenger and Facebook Live.
This face-to-face hands on workshop, is easy to follow empowering people with guidance to take charge of Facebook with enthusiasm and confidence.

NOTE: This is NOT a Facebook Marketing Class.

Facebook Privacy Session


In these one-to-one individual Facebook sessions, we complete a safety review to assess privacy, security and other Facebook account settings are guarded.  The sessions can be arranged to complement professional development days, or community events.

Sessions are held with individuals in 15-20minutes intervals, ensuring efficient time-management and minimum disruption to schedules.

We understand not everyone is on Facebook, therefore a Facebook Privacy session delivers a service ensuring those who hold an account, are protected and gain peace of mind.

We select the correct and most suitable settings, specific to each personal account and individual requirement. The reassurance achieved from those attending sessions, complements community programs, gives greater cybersafety awareness and a particular sense of wellbeing.  Facebook Privacy Sessions are booked at half day and full day rates.

Meet with one of Australia’s foremost specialists in Facebook for personal use and safety, with a booking of this session today.

We accommodate the requirements of community groups, schools and organisations. We believe our face-to-face training workshops and digital safety presentations appeal to all internet users, to further improve their knowledge in online safety, for privacy and personal protection.


Popular Sessions:
We provide a full day of ‘Individual Consultations’ for Facebook account holders or internet related issues, for parents, schools, workplaces and community groups. |
To find out more about the exclusive ‘Individual Consultation’ day, email us via the Contact page or message the
 CyberActive Services Facebook page.

Predators, Pimps and Princesses


> Exclusive to CyberActive Services <

This exclusive presentation is the first of its kind anywhere, to address key sinister territories that emerge to children and teens in both the online and real world.
This presentation digs deep and does not sugar coat the issues which need addressing, regarding real world and online perils of predators and pimps.

Presenter – Janita Docherty knows full well the dangers that lurk, from personal experience in working with investigators to seek justice for victims linked to these crimes, to assisting those who rescue children and young adults ensuring they are further protected online.

This presentation is one that crosses boundaries – dissecting the online world of predators, the real world of pimps and the offset of young teens and the problems they encounter, on their pursuit of happiness in a dark world of social misconception.   This is a rare insight into the illegal realm of predators, grooming and sex trafficking. Know what you can do to combat these horrendous crimes. Learn, listen, comprehend and take onboard the safety messages and the warnings, of how to prevent, protect and report these situations.
Presentation booking information:

Community presentations due to adult themes 18+ years.
Modified Presentation for Students 16+ years by special arrangement *Conditions apply

Contact us today for further information on this Exclusive 2hour presentation