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Online Crime Case Management

Our Online Crime Case Management Service, was established due to an influx of cyber crime situations that fell into a Grey area.

This Grey area consists of circumstances where online crime incidents are presented to police, but for reasons and situational resourcing, the matters have gone unmanaged.

This may be due to reporting persons unsure if their matter is for legal process, or the Case has an overwhelming amount of material to sift through, which will take an extensive time for police to manage.



Our Online Crime Case Management Service, offers a conduit between a cyber crime case and police. We streamline the situation with the relevant documentation, packaged in a format that is convenient for police to investigate and removes ambiguity for all parties involved.



Our Full Case Management – is sought after and is unique in the compilation of relevant documentation, reports, notes and captured evidence needed for the law to take action.  This supports police in time management and gains a structured and streamlined set of documents for legal process of your online crime incident.

Have your Case managed by one of Australia’s foremost specialists in digital safety and cybercrime prevention – Janita Docherty.  Janita’s knowledge of police procedure and social media evidence collection, has assisted in online abuse situations and successful prosecutions..  read more about Janita Docherty here


Scheduled bookings for this service are via email only, where a document requesting an outline of the case will be required.  This overview and initial response or guidance regarding your cyber crime incident, is free of charge.

Further involvement in management of a Case, or further assembly of Case documentation, will be discussed along with fee schedules, dependant on the complexity and measurable time of each Case.

Contact CyberActive Services for your Online Crime Case Management enquiry HERE



Please note: Our Services are NOT to be used in lieu of first contacting Police,  or contacting a relevant online government agency such as – ACORN or the Australian Office of the eSafety Commissioner.  It is also imperative to note we are not lawyers and do not take on matters of criminal conduct involving domestic violence, child protection incidents or sexual offences.

Digital Self Defence


Specialist workshop tailored to personnel in
> Emergency services – Police, Fire, Ambulance
> Military
> Medical – Doctors, Nurses
> Government employees in child protection areas (DHS)
> Staff working in women’s shelters
> Other child protection NGO’s
> People at hi-risk of being targeted by cyber abuse or stalkers, due to their current employment or work they undertake.

This premium workshop is designed for the internet safety of individuals and those around them, giving greater knowledge of the myriad of online issues that can strike anyone at any time and how to prevent and prepare for these situations.
A combination of cyber safety along with awareness of digital defences to prevent stalkers, harassment, cybercrimes and other online situations.

The face-to-face hands on workshop is limited to groups of 25* people. Contact us for arrangement of this exclusive training.

(*unless otherwise negotiated)

Facebook Investigations


The Facebook Investigations workshop has been developed specifically to train law enforcement and other government investigators.

This workshop is Facebook at its best and brings focus to the Facebook Timeline, intelligence gathering, user activity and investigator safety, along with a large amount of knowledge and resources to enhance your Facebook investigation.  We provide specialist Facebook methods rarely known to the average researcher. These include finding friends and friend connections when accounts are locked down, operating Graph Search and utilizing the Geo-location data available on a person’s account, all of which complement the skill set of participants.

Instructor: Janita Docherty was the Leading advisor behind the first successful Victorian prosecution of a derogatory Facebook page in 2011.  Later was Lead trainer for Victoria Police phase2 Eyewatch Project and continues to provide advice on Facebook to law enforcement internationally.

Social Media Investigations


The Social Media Investigations workshop supports investigators with knowledge of Apps and how they are being used to commit offences and information on police challenges previously encountered.

The speed of the digital world is moving at a record pace and is changing the way collection of online incidents are captured for investigations.  Be on the forefront ready for your cases of tomorrow.

Contact us for this exclusive workshop for your organisation, or sign up with your police or Govt investigator work email address, for our next ‘Investigators Masterclass’.